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((OOC: Remember! We have a plot! We need to go by it! Read the rules!))

Berto let a sigh escape his lips. He leapt from the angel's arms gracefully and, in midair, dissolved into shadow. As his body spread, he breathed the cool night air, his senses aware to nearly everything around him. He glanced over the town of Las Angeles with a contented emotion. It was funny how things worked. One minute he was doubting things and another he was making himself right at home with three people he felt severly close to.

Then, he caught sight of Ashley. She was staring up to him as if noticing he were there. Pushing the thoughts and memories of her aside, he continued floating towards the apartment. When he got there, he drifted through the window and materialized near his bed. Slowly, he walked over to the closet, changed into something comfy, and fell backwards onto the bed. He bit his lip as if it were going to hold back the millions of memories flooding through his head. But he slowly sifted into the dreamworld. It only was only made up of how things would have been.
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