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First post! X3 It's just you and me but I want to get started. It'll be fun. We can be the others.

Berto tilted his head back to look up at the starry night sky. It was always beautiful here. For some reason he could always rely on this place to relax and oddly enough it was a graveyard in L.A. His leg swung back and forth idly over the side of the tombstone that was raised high off the ground, nearly obnoxious in it's large and intricate design. An angel with her arms outstretched and a mournful expression upon her face, crying over those who had been lost within this desolate place. Berto lay comfortably in the angel's arms, one arm folded behind his head and the other lazily draped across his stomach, idly playing with the silver zipper that ran up along his leather jacket, currently closed. His black hair was loose and cascaded almost brilliantly over his shoulders. His eyes flickered with a certain somber attutitude.
The Son yawned as he thought how tired he was. He wanted to go home but he couldn't just yet. Facing Kyle's heat just wasn't something he was quite in the mood for. He'd gotten used to Samuel just fine. Actually, the boy had grown on him. But he could just never get used to Kyle's untrusting curfews.
But, he just needed time to think. Though it wouldn't be long until the others tried to find him. A sigh escaped his lips as he pursed them in though. Ashley had been trying an awful lot to try to make him jealous. They did used to have something special and something told him part of her couldn't forget that.
He tried to brush it from his mind but it didn't quite work. The thought seemed stuck in his mind.
...but he had to wrap it up here. The others would be looking for him. He'd been gone for almost the whole day and now it was soon aproaching midnight.
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